Monday, July 31, 2017

[Article Translation] Controversies around Battleship Island

Approximative translation of the article: [종합]영화 '군함도' 논란 7가지 총정리 출처 : 아시아경제 | 네이버 TV연예 LINK - It would be greatly appreciated if you DO NOT put or link my translations to One Hallyu or Soompi forums!!

While the movie "Battleship Island" is causing a lot of controversy, it has drawn 3 million viewers in just four days of opening. This film is singularly criticized in various aspects, and the controversy itself is a meaningful landscape that tells the 'value' terrain of Korean society. Let's summarize the seven issues that caused the controversy.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sport Seoul Blind Items

Letters are no indication to the person's name, I changed some letters to fit in all the blind items into one post. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Netizen reviews of movie "Park Yeol: Anarchist From Colony"

Lee Jun Ik is the director behind Park Yeol, Sado (The Throne), Dongju (The Portrait of a Poet), King and The Clown, Sunny amongst other movies.

The reviews are in order of upvotes

Netizen reviews of movie Real

The reviews are in order of upvotes 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Chinese media falsly claimed Song Seung Heon broke up with Liu Yi Fei to attract back his Korean fans opposed to his relationship

Park Chan Wook: "I'm proud of the new emerging directors. I try not to picture violence as something attractive"

Park Chan Wook: "The emerging film directors have been discovered through short film festivals created by my generation's directors, including myself. If you look at their progress from short films to masterpieces, if you look at the originality of the work, it is very emotional. It is the basis of our pride."

Bong Joon Ho or Hong Sang Soo for Palme d'Or? Will Korea's seven year award drought end?


Article mentions Bong Joon Ho and Hong Sang Soo being part of  the "Cannes family" as they have consitently presented works on the French award platform, inmplying that might work in their favor.

Kim Eui Sung: "Hong Sang Soo, Kim Min Hee... So pretty, I envy that feeling of love"

"The Villainess" Kim Ok Bin's action movie gets a 4 minute standing ovation at Cannes

''The Merciless" actors alone to receive a 7 minute standing ovation at Cannes. Director forfeits his presence due to an SNS controversy. Korean viewers boycot the movie.

The gist of the SNS controversy is that "The Merciless" director Byun Sung Hyun has consistently posted remarks on his SNS against women, presidential candidates and angered netizen who boycotted his movie. The Merciless barely broke 700k admissions in his 2nd week.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Who is it? Photos that fans are confused about

Link via Instiz

Suho or Chanyeol ?

A fandom that put their hashtag on the Gangneung wildfire

The Gangneung city government said more than 2,500 residents were ordered to flee Saturday as a wind-fed forest fire spread in the eastern city.

About 300 residents are known to have fled from their homes after the blaze started on a hill near Daegwallyeong, a mountain pass close to the east coast, at around 3:30 p.m., according to city officials.

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Black Nut controversial lyrics about KittiB - Apology sparks more controversy.


Black Nut precedents with controversial lyrics: Link

Black Nut controversial lyrics this time around:

"I'll be honest, I jacked off to KittiB's picture, but that was before Unpretty. You all probably can't say this, always hiding it"

"I wouldn't screw KittiB even if she was given to me for free"

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Baeksang Awards celebrate 33 unknown actors with an emotional stage performance "I am also an Actor"


A song was performed at the ceremony by 33 actors who played small roles in films released over the last year. 

Veteran Song Kang Ho said “There are scenes that featured many actors but were cut and some of the actors didn’t get to be shown in the movie at all. I want to give today’s honor to all of them.” 

Bae Jung Nam remembers the late Lee Eon "Hyung, thank you... I wish I could repay you back..."