Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Uhm Jung Hwa and Goo Hye Sun get asked whether actresses fight on set

Article via Naver  

During the press conference of their new drama, they both laughed it off.

[+10852, -551] If women fight, they call it jealousy. But when men fight they call it competition

[+6807, -221] To ask them about fighting, it's really funny

[+4811, -297] Go Hye Sun looks so pretty these days. Uhm Jung Hwa looks loved and pretty.

[+3109, -135] Long comment about how fighting between men is part of social life and they brush it off, while women have no group life

>[+311, -12] I relate like crazy

>[+389, -24] Imaginary description by men who want women to be like little girls

>[+103,-2] Honestly, this is true

[+1486, 669] I will cheer for you both

[+571, -21] There are still questions like "are you fighting with female actresses"?....

[+385, -6] How long are you going to keep asking if women fight each other? When men get together, there is a rank order so why not ask if they're fighting?

[+350, -2] The level of this questionㅋㅋㅋㅋ...

[+254, -5]Fighting... That's the question.... Low key a sexist question

[+236, -2] The level of questions these people ask...

[+218, -3] Fight? This is called a question? Stop with these 90s level questions

[+230, -32] Goo Hye Sun  is so white. White skin is so enviable. As you get older your skin becomes dull with aging and cosmetic after effects, but white skin looks good even in old age

[+141, -13] Their attitude is really good, they clearly respect each other.

[+129, -14] Why is it that when it's an actress it's a fight? Is it not competition?

[+186, -19] I don't know Uhm Jung Hwa's personality but that style doesn't suit her

Under the blue sky of LA, Lee Je Hoon is showing off his good looks.

Article via Naver 

Lee Je Hoon's agency ''Sarama Entertainment" posted this picture on their SNS. Lee Je Hoon is in LA to shoot for the April issue of W Magazine.

[+1165, -16] Time passes by but his face is still so youthful (like a boy)

[+858 ,-19] Woah, so handsome. Handsome, handsome and the atmosphere looks so nice  

[+625, -18] Really so handsome, he's such a puppy ㅜㅜ

[+544, -20] His nose is so sharp and handsome, what a surprise

[+516, -18] Isn't this man over 30 years old? 

> [+31, -2] Omg, he's over 30?
> [+31, -0] He's 34 
> [+39, 0] Omg, he's 34! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
> [+22, 0] Omg, he looks in his teens ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
> [+17, 0] an age bully ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ

[+166, -5] He's handsome, pure, feels so cool and sexy 

[+143, -5] This photo is legendary 

[+130, -6] You guys, watch Tomorrow With You. It's really fun. 

[+107, -7] Crazy handsome, woah... Breathtaking

[+93, -4] To tell the truth, I tought that Je Hoon in Architecture was quite normal, then I saw Tomorrow With You and ... he's very handsome <3

Na PD's new program will feature Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yumi and Youn Yuh Jung

Article via The Korea Times 

The timing of broadcasting is still unclear but they were all photographed leaving for Indonesia on the 23rd.

Na PD said it was a new concept but he can't disclose much because the time for broadcast is still not defined.

His collaboration with Jung Yumi is attracting a lot of attention.

Iwai Shunji: Kim Joo Hyuk and Bae Doona were carefully casted, I am very satisfied.

Japanese director Iwai Shunji (55) presented his first work, 'Jang Ok's Letter', which features Korean actors. The film, which was released on the 16th at Nestle Theater, consists of 4 videos of 11 to 19 minutes each of running time. As if looking at a single ad, the beautiful visual beauty, the atmosphere with warm color, and the background music make you feel comfortable.
It was filmed on December 3 last year, it's a story about the lives of the neighbors who are often seen around us, living in a mid-life couple in their 40s living with their sick mothers . He is a Japanese director, but he understands Korean family style, culture, and emotions. Actors Kim Joo hyuk and Bae Doo-Na breathe as a couple, and actor Shin Eun-soo and Jeong Jun-won are siblings.
"Someday I want to make a movie in Korea. Even though there was a linguistic problem, after various trials and errors, we were able to overcome all problems and create a satisfactory work." the Japanese director said. 

[+680, -19] There is no loophole in any of their performances. I  am very excited about this pairing.

[+446, -22] I was really sad when you left 1n2d 3 years ago but it means you are concentrating on your acting career. Guateng hyung, you're working really hard. 

[+292, -14] Gutaeng hyung, I always cheer for you. Il-bag, dojeon!

[+174,-8] I have to see this!

[+16, 0] This director is very good at bringing out the emotions of the characters while catching points in everyday life.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Lee Byung Hun and Park Bo Gum considering "Ansi Fortress" movie

Article via Naver  

[+6372, -207] Lee Byung Hun, how many movies do you want to shoot every year?

 > [+814, -67] All the controversy will be ended by acting skills lol

> [+780, -42] His acting is so good. How can directors ever leave him alone lol.

> [+644, -29] The point is, he fits his role perfectly in every movie

> [+143, -6]  Lee Byung Hun in the role of General Yang Manchun??

> [+480, -31] Why some immoral people have so much talent? Especially Lee Byung Hun, he has the talent level of a devil kkkk

> [+278, -60] In recent years, he seems to be taking on a lot of works, in a way it seems like he is trying to repay his fans. Still questionable as a human but I am gradually cheering for the actor.

[+4731, -309] A Lee Byung Hun movie release every ten days... (Single Rider is screening. Two other movies are confirmed for this year and he is considering 서복 too in addition to Ansi Fortress)

[+3952, -250]  Lee Byung Hun is more active since the scandal

> [+84, -3] Totally...

> [+462, -62] I don't know if we're more generous with men about affairs. Kim Min Hee would've been dead by now

> [+212, -138]  Isn't Lee Byung Hun and Kim Min Hee's stories a bit different?

> [+210, -125] Kim Min Hee you say? Kim Min Hee broke up a home and is still going at it. Lee Byung Hun is living happily. Is there a basis for what you're saying?

> [+154, 22] In that case why are male entertainers in sex scandals known while women's names are hidden?

> [+117, -41]  Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee in all consciousness go back home, is that the same as Lee Buyng Hun? Did Lee Byung Hun abondon Min Jung Lee? Don't talk nonsense, 

>  Like Kim Min Hee? kkkkk. 

[+3294, -362] Looking forward to Park Bo Gum!

[+2548, -369] Park Bo Gum is a strong candidate, daebak! 

[+485, -42] Park Bo Gum when confirmed, write an article. And how many movies will Lee Byung Hun do this year? 

[+467, -36] Park Bo Gum's agency said this is one of proposed works, still under review.

[+636, -109] Park Bo Gum, good choice!

Ryu Jun Yeol puts female college students in a very "Jun Yeol holic" mood

Article via Naver // Chosun 

Ryu Jun-yeol gave unforgettable memories to hundreds of female college students through express fan service on KBS2 'Entertainment Weekly' school attack corner broadcast on the 25th. In addition, in a solo interview, he showed a warm and cheerful attitude and a warm appeal.

[+422, -19] I enjoyed the sweet and honest actor Ryu, Jun Yeol. Come out more often.

[+407, -19] The more you know him, the more you'll be attracted to Ryu Jun Yeol...

[+399, -19] This is a person who is a  Jun Yeol holic for the first time. The more you know him the better it gets. Ryu Jun Yeol is love.

[+385, -17] So envious of the female college students who were there. Ryu Jun Yeol was wonderful.

[+124, -12] This is not a school attack, it's a heart attack. I want to be there!!!

[+111, -9] Sweet Ryu Jun Yeol ~~♡-♡ a heart attack really. I will cheer for your next works that are lined up.

[+115, -11] I really admire how he embraced all the female students in on big hug 

[+130, -3]  I am also a Jun Yeol holic. If you know RJY you will fall in love, it will not be the same. He is cool. 

[+118, -3] RJY is a very sensible and witty person. Let's stay together!

[+114, -3] RJY is full of charms. Once you discover that, you'll fall for him!

Military survey: Kim Go Eun would be most suitable to portray Yu Gwansun (a symbol of Korea's fight for Independance)

Article via Naver / Yonhap News 

Before the 98th anniversary of the March 1st movement (Sam-il 3-1, Korean resistance against the Japanese), military officers responded that actor Kim Goo-eun was the most suitable for portraying the role Yu Gwan-sung (Korea's Joan of Arc) who led the movement.

The National Defense Daily, published by the National Defense Public Information Agency (Director Yi Bae-woo), conducted a survey on the soldiers' online ranking by the theme of  'What is the number one actress to cast at Yu Gwan Soon?' For three weeks from the end of January. 

The questionnaire survey showed a great deal of interest, involving 2,989 soldiers as part of the defense network (intranet).

According to the results of the survey, Kim Go-eun, who was recently loved for her drama 'Goblin' (tvN), was ranked # 1. Among the participating soldiers, 462 people aka 22.2% supported her.

The soldiers say that Kim Goo-eun would be able to bring out the emotion of Yu Gwan-sun, who cried out for the independence of the fatherland in a young age, as much as possible. Kim Go Eun is a good actress, has good personality,  a charming look, and she's a white paper-like actress that can wear any outfit very well"

In the second place, actress Park Bo Young (228), the daughter of the former official in the Special Forces.

The soldiers pointed to Park Bo-young for "the image of Yu Gwan-soon, the strong image of patriotism, and the actor who can express patriotism and emotions", "not only looks but also hairstyle to match well with Yu Gwan-soon."

Shim Eun-kyung (185), the actress who starred in the films "Sunny" and "Suspicious Girl", was ranked 3rd.

[+110, -4] Kim Go Eun is 뭔들 (meaning she's good at everything!). An actress that's like a white paper. I want to meet you soon!

[+100, -3] I believe you will be able to do Yu Gwan Su justice like you did to all your other roles. Go Eun-sshi fighting!

[+95, -4] Yokshi, Kim Go Eun (of course, it'd be Kim Go Eun)! Fighting imnida!

[+91, -4] If Yu Gwan Su had a high nose and double eyelids, it would be awkward. I like Kim Go Eun, she'd be a good match.

[+90, -5] Actress Kim Go Eun would be perfect

[+59, -0] It's such a hard role to cast. I hope Kim Go Eun receives more love.

[+55, -0] It would suit her!

[+55, -0] No matter what role Kim Go Eun plays she can embrace it perfectly. I am looking forward to your work as an actress!

[+52, -0] Kim Go Eun is like a white paper, so any role she will draw a good picture of.

[+51, -0] Kim Go Eun can do everything well! 

JYP: "Jun K, elbow surgery completed. Jun K reported pain in his knees and chest, will be re-examined"

Article via Naver  

JYP's official statement: 

"We sincerely apologize again for the accident that occurred during the performance on the 26th.

Jun K has undergone surgery to join the fractured elbow bones today and is now resting after being hospitalized. According to the doctor, the surgery went well without any abnormalities.

I did not come out at first, but now Jun K is feeling pain on his knees and chest, so he will consult with his doctor and wait for more detailed examination.

As soon as new progress is made, we will be able to inform you immediately."

[+1926, -92] Jun K oppa's knees are not feeling well, I'm so worried ㅠㅠ. Please do not feel burdened about the concert stopping, just concentrate on your therapy. To everyone else, please be careful. ㅠㅠ

[+1648, -58] I'm feeling really hurt. Please recover quickly...

[+1219, -57] No, don't be hurt again...ㅠㅠ

[+1072, -53] I pray that Minjun recovers well... I am so sad... I pray you get treated well and recover soon

[+982, -44] Aigooo ㅠㅠ, I hope you get better soon. How painful must it have been ㅠㅠ

[+323, -35] He didn't cheat anyone, he was working hard in front of his fans and then had an emergency operation after his accident. Where are all the tough assholes talking about dropping out of the army?

[+211, -9] Jun K-ya, I'll be waiting for your quick recovery

[+199, -6] It's fortunate that the surgery is over. I hope the other parts don't have serious problems. Yesterday, my heart was heavy ㅠㅠ

[+193, -6] Once you get injured, you suffer a great deal, please make a quick recovery ㅠㅠ

After the successful "Goblin" what are the actors doing now?

Article via Naver/Osen 

Goblin has been one of tvN's most successful dramas, with ratings exceeding 20%. The fans attention is now focused on the actors' every move after the drama's end. Even the OST is still enjoying success in music charts.

So what are the "Goblin" actors doing now?

Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook are still examining their next work and concentrating on communicating with their fans through fan meetings.

Gong Yoo has announced that he will hold a bazaar fan meeting with his official fan café and all proceeds will go to charity, he will take a break until mid-March and then decide what his next movie will be.

Lee Dong Wook is going on an Asia Tour to meet his fans, it inculdes Seoul, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan. Domestic tickets were sold out within one minute, proving how popular he is.

Yook Sungjae will be appearing in Law of The Jungle Sumatra, he has also joined SBS' new fishing variety program as a regular member.

Jo Woo Jin has two movies about to get released (Real, One Line), he has also joined the cast of tvN's "Chicago Typewriter"

Kim Go Eun and Yoo In Na are still picking up their next projects.

[+7020, -127] I want you to do a drama like Goblin again!

[+6481, -130] Whether the weather is good or bad, I just want to watch Goblin again

[+5639, -151] There is no drama like Goblin right now, what a catastrophe

[+4311, -125] There's nothing good enough to watch these days ㅠㅠ

--> [+271, -30] Voice, Defendant

--> [+70, -72] That Rebel drama isn't bad...

--> [+105, -77] Tomorrow With You is fun...

--> [+98, -36] Voice, Rebel, Chief Kim

--> [+137, -23] Voice is good!

--> [+74, -30] Voice, Chief Kim

--> [+198, -24] Do Bong Soon is really fun too

--> [+159, -18] Do Bong Soon is really good

[+3901, -115] There is no drama as fun as Goblin lately, I'm bored...

[+421 -21] I still go back to rewatch Goblin!

[+422, -22] To go from a high quality drama like Goblin and look at something else is no fun. It feels empty without Goblin.

[+455, -30] Gong Yoo was really God's move (meaning his choice to do this drama had the best effects, used when someone exhibits good judgment)

[+381, -14] Every day with Goblin was a good day

[+370, -22] Even if I only drink Americano, I just got a Kanu latte (Gong Yoo endorses it). Since I watched Gong Yoo's Goblin, it's a product I enjoy now.

"Kim Tae Hee's husband X Zhang Li's boyfriend" Ju Yeong Hun, Joo Jin Mo, Rain. Best friends' shot.

Article via Naver 

On the 27th, Ju Yeong Hun posted a picture on his instagram with the caption:

"Lee Yoon Mi's husband, Kim Tae Hee's husband, Zhang Li's boyfriend. Exciting rounding. Congratulations Jin Mo-ya, congratulations Ji Hoon-ah"

[+1256, -31] Joo Jin Mo has a really small face, doesn't he...

[+1258, -63] Ju Yeong Hun is really proud eh

[+272, -9] The size of Ju Yeong hun's head is overwhelming

[+267, -9] Even as they get older, some people don't change. Ju Yeong Hun... this isn't a choding, this is Kim Tae Hee's husband, so what? Why are you bragging? You really look like a loser

[+234, -16] Ju Yeong Hun, I really don't want to see your face

[+175, -6] Can someone erase Ju Yeong Hun with photoshop?

[+147, -10] Look at the size of Jin Mo's head!

[+75, -1] Academic forgery, Ju Yeong Hun the conman.

[+80, -5] Why are you two with this strange guy?

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Lip Wars


Online malls, department stores, drugstores, duty free shops... These are the battle scenes for the lip wars and TV is the main mean of propaganda. "We have to absolutely book an actress starring in a drama. Dramas are more responsive than movies or variety shows" a brand spokesperson confessed.

In the drama "Goblin", Kim Go Eun's Lancôme Absolute Rouge sold out two weeks after its release.

Lucky Romance Hwang Jung Eun's Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro 505 Pink Bubble was the best seller in June and July of last year.

Same goes for Jealousy Incarnate Gong Hyo Jin's Tension Lip Oil Tint.

This boost in sales also affects the overall sales of the brand. The foundation makeup, eye pencil sales of Sisley also increased after the Jeon Do Yeon's appearance in The Good Wife.

W's Han Hyo Joo's soft silk Rouge  and pink coral shades have doubled in monthly sales since the airing of the drama.

Beauty brands are now eager to book actresses who participate actively in TV.

In fact the origin of this whole situation is Jun Ji Hyun in My Love From The Stars. It's  well known that her products from the drama sold out all over the world, not just in South Korea. The anecdote goes that even the brands were shocked and confused at the time.

1. Legend of The Blue Sea, Jun Ji Hyun, Rouge Holic Exceptional HERA.

2. Lucky Romance, Hwang Jung Eum, Lip Maestro Pink Bubble GIORGIO ARMANI.

3. Jealousy Incarnate, Gong Hyo Jin, Virgin Kiss Tension Lip Oil Tint, CLIO.

4. The Good Wife, Jeon Do Yeon, Phyto Lip Twist, SISLEY.

Kang Ha Neul's charms on Happy Together

Article via Naver

[+ 1693, -40] Kang Ha Neul, he's too good ㅠㅠ

[+1151, -36]  Kang Ha Neul, he's a really sweet guy.

[+1208, -73] The progress of Shindong and Leetuk is good. In the meantime, Kang Ha Neul is a real charmer!

[+785, -27] Kang Ha Neul sshi, see you tomorrow.

[+737, -32] Wa, there's no end to Kang Ha Neul's moving stories !

[+235, -7] Of all the performers who showed up, Kang Ha Neul has the best reactions!

[+173, -7] Kang Ha Neul, really... you wear your name like a clear blue sky. My father and I saw the song program and got a good view.

[+163, -5] Kang Ha Neul sshi, please do something like this kind of romance. Good looking, sexy. I really like it.

Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won are considering lead roles in remake of "Criminal Minds"

[+43, -1] Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won are the pairing I wanted to see, I will be waiting for this!

[+38, -0] Both are good, so if they do it they will do it well. I hope we get fixed soon.

[+36,-0] LJK said he will inform the public of his next release via SNS. So far no word yet

[+33, -0] Really capable actors, both. Expectations are rising!

[+32, -1] I'm looking forward to Criminal Minds but I wonder how they will pull off the remake

[+23, - 0] Both are good, once confirmer it'll be a bang!

[+23, - 0] It seems to me she met her match. Let's make the drama a hit !

[+22,- 0] The God of acting, Jun Ki nim! If it's true, come on come on!

[+17, - 0 ] He will go well with Moon Chae Won

[+17, - 0] Good chemistry!

[+14, -0] Both are good actors, whether it will do well is a matter of how well the script is written. As long as the script is good, these actors will do it justice.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

[tvN] Chicago Typewriter, Yoo Ah In, Im Soo Jung and Go Kyung Pyo confirmed.

Article via Daum

- [+173, -97In a drama or movie, it doesn't matter if you do action but you cannot do it in the army? Is that it? Why do entertainers go late to the army in the first place? Why do you think you can postpone it when we (the general public) go at ages 20, 21, 22?

- [+179, -118] People who can't go to the army are good with filming movies?

- [+143, -83] This is the victory of media play

- [ +119, -63] Not going to the army? 

- [+140, -86] Go to the hospital, get treated and go asap to the army.

- [+78, -29] Go to the army, quickly.

- [+65, - 21] Yoo Ah In, because of this you're not going to the army? It hurts but the army no and movie shooting yes? Is filming a funny thing, just playing and eating? He pretended to be a conceptual person but he just blew away the concept of Andromeda on his own. I'm disappointed.

- [+68, -25] The man who is sick is okay to shoot movies...

- [+71, -31] He doesn't want to go to the army from the beginning, but if he doesn't he will get antis so he wants to make a drama and get more fans. If you succeed in this drama you will only have female fans and international fans, no domestic fans.

Gaon Charts: EXO win 4 Awards, Blackpink win 3. SM-YG laugh.

Article via SC

- [+4276, -580] Congratulations to EXO. Congratulations to Blackpink. Congratulations to all the other singers. 

- [+4009, -927] The shouts behind EXO are tremendous

- [+3355, -806] Sehun, EXO, I congratulate you on the win in the 2nd and 3rd quarters!

- [+643, -109] Suddenly why the change of award criteria? 

- [+549, -86] I don't understand why you don't put OST on the record, at least half of the 12 awards are OSTs

- [+504, -117] You are the people who made this competition, if there is no shouting then it's over, there is no popularity. It's contradictory. 

- [+289, -50] Why are you fighting? Other fans screamed loudly too

- [+261, -44] If the shouts are small it means loss of popularity.  It's not wrong to shout, it's a popular response. I congratulate everyone. Let's stay healthy this year too.

Kim Min Hee, Order of Cultural Merit? Ministry of Culture in an embarrassing situation.

Article via Naver 

Actress Kim Min Hee has been awarded the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the Berlin Festival, one of the three major film festivals in the world, for her portrayal in the movie "Night At The Beach Alone". Compared to past cases, she would qualify for the Culture Medal of Merit.

Some instances of past cases who recieved the medal:
- Kang Su Yeon who won Best Actress Award at the Venise International Film Festival 1987
- Shin Hye Soo who won Best Actress Award at the Montreal International Film Festival 1988
- Jeon Do Yeon who won Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival 2007
- Moon So Ri and Choi Min Sik also received the Okgwan (Jeweled Crown).
- Park Chan Wook received the Bogwan (Precious Crown)
- Shin Sang Ok received the highest merit, the Gold Crown Cultural Merit.

In the case of Kim Min Hee however, the situation is embarrassing. The public opinion is very negative as she has been caught in an affair with film director Hong Sang Soo.
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said: "The actors who won the Best Actress Award at the three biggest film festivals were rewarded. We will discuss this with the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, however there is nothing currently set, they added cautiously"

[ +95, -7 ] If you give a decoration, it will not be a joke. Private life is private life and acting is acting, however this is Korea...

[+70, -9] Does a homebreaker receive a medal? This is Korea

[+67, -10] Don't do it

[+56, -8] Do not upload their pictures or articles, just tell them to go live their affair

[+51, -7] Are you encouraging adultery??

[+23, -2] No matter how good a prize is, what is it? It is still an affair that destroyed the family. He is still a person with a legal family. Are there no maneers in this country? Award, award, award... This is embarrassing.

[+19, -1] So the award criteria is only overseas awards? lol

[+19, -2] You're really crazy then...

[+18, -3] I think we should not. Does the medal without the consent of the public mean anything... You cannot accept acting as just acting, that movie will never be free from the uncomfortable gaze on their private life. You do not want to make a precedent of adultery being glorified as art.