Monday, February 27, 2017

After the successful "Goblin" what are the actors doing now?

Article via Naver/Osen 

Goblin has been one of tvN's most successful dramas, with ratings exceeding 20%. The fans attention is now focused on the actors' every move after the drama's end. Even the OST is still enjoying success in music charts.

So what are the "Goblin" actors doing now?

Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook are still examining their next work and concentrating on communicating with their fans through fan meetings.

Gong Yoo has announced that he will hold a bazaar fan meeting with his official fan café and all proceeds will go to charity, he will take a break until mid-March and then decide what his next movie will be.

Lee Dong Wook is going on an Asia Tour to meet his fans, it inculdes Seoul, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan. Domestic tickets were sold out within one minute, proving how popular he is.

Yook Sungjae will be appearing in Law of The Jungle Sumatra, he has also joined SBS' new fishing variety program as a regular member.

Jo Woo Jin has two movies about to get released (Real, One Line), he has also joined the cast of tvN's "Chicago Typewriter"

Kim Go Eun and Yoo In Na are still picking up their next projects.

[+7020, -127] I want you to do a drama like Goblin again!

[+6481, -130] Whether the weather is good or bad, I just want to watch Goblin again

[+5639, -151] There is no drama like Goblin right now, what a catastrophe

[+4311, -125] There's nothing good enough to watch these days ㅠㅠ

--> [+271, -30] Voice, Defendant

--> [+70, -72] That Rebel drama isn't bad...

--> [+105, -77] Tomorrow With You is fun...

--> [+98, -36] Voice, Rebel, Chief Kim

--> [+137, -23] Voice is good!

--> [+74, -30] Voice, Chief Kim

--> [+198, -24] Do Bong Soon is really fun too

--> [+159, -18] Do Bong Soon is really good

[+3901, -115] There is no drama as fun as Goblin lately, I'm bored...

[+421 -21] I still go back to rewatch Goblin!

[+422, -22] To go from a high quality drama like Goblin and look at something else is no fun. It feels empty without Goblin.

[+455, -30] Gong Yoo was really God's move (meaning his choice to do this drama had the best effects, used when someone exhibits good judgment)

[+381, -14] Every day with Goblin was a good day

[+370, -22] Even if I only drink Americano, I just got a Kanu latte (Gong Yoo endorses it). Since I watched Gong Yoo's Goblin, it's a product I enjoy now.

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