Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Gaon Charts: EXO win 4 Awards, Blackpink win 3. SM-YG laugh.

Article via SC

- [+4276, -580] Congratulations to EXO. Congratulations to Blackpink. Congratulations to all the other singers. 

- [+4009, -927] The shouts behind EXO are tremendous

- [+3355, -806] Sehun, EXO, I congratulate you on the win in the 2nd and 3rd quarters!

- [+643, -109] Suddenly why the change of award criteria? 

- [+549, -86] I don't understand why you don't put OST on the record, at least half of the 12 awards are OSTs

- [+504, -117] You are the people who made this competition, if there is no shouting then it's over, there is no popularity. It's contradictory. 

- [+289, -50] Why are you fighting? Other fans screamed loudly too

- [+261, -44] If the shouts are small it means loss of popularity.  It's not wrong to shout, it's a popular response. I congratulate everyone. Let's stay healthy this year too.

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