Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Iwai Shunji: Kim Joo Hyuk and Bae Doona were carefully casted, I am very satisfied.

Japanese director Iwai Shunji (55) presented his first work, 'Jang Ok's Letter', which features Korean actors. The film, which was released on the 16th at Nestle Theater, consists of 4 videos of 11 to 19 minutes each of running time. As if looking at a single ad, the beautiful visual beauty, the atmosphere with warm color, and the background music make you feel comfortable.
It was filmed on December 3 last year, it's a story about the lives of the neighbors who are often seen around us, living in a mid-life couple in their 40s living with their sick mothers . He is a Japanese director, but he understands Korean family style, culture, and emotions. Actors Kim Joo hyuk and Bae Doo-Na breathe as a couple, and actor Shin Eun-soo and Jeong Jun-won are siblings.
"Someday I want to make a movie in Korea. Even though there was a linguistic problem, after various trials and errors, we were able to overcome all problems and create a satisfactory work." the Japanese director said. 

[+680, -19] There is no loophole in any of their performances. I  am very excited about this pairing.

[+446, -22] I was really sad when you left 1n2d 3 years ago but it means you are concentrating on your acting career. Guateng hyung, you're working really hard. 

[+292, -14] Gutaeng hyung, I always cheer for you. Il-bag, dojeon!

[+174,-8] I have to see this!

[+16, 0] This director is very good at bringing out the emotions of the characters while catching points in everyday life.

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