Thursday, February 23, 2017

Kang Ha Neul's charms on Happy Together

Article via Naver

[+ 1693, -40] Kang Ha Neul, he's too good ㅠㅠ

[+1151, -36]  Kang Ha Neul, he's a really sweet guy.

[+1208, -73] The progress of Shindong and Leetuk is good. In the meantime, Kang Ha Neul is a real charmer!

[+785, -27] Kang Ha Neul sshi, see you tomorrow.

[+737, -32] Wa, there's no end to Kang Ha Neul's moving stories !

[+235, -7] Of all the performers who showed up, Kang Ha Neul has the best reactions!

[+173, -7] Kang Ha Neul, really... you wear your name like a clear blue sky. My father and I saw the song program and got a good view.

[+163, -5] Kang Ha Neul sshi, please do something like this kind of romance. Good looking, sexy. I really like it.

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