Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kim Min Hee, Order of Cultural Merit? Ministry of Culture in an embarrassing situation.

Article via Naver 

Actress Kim Min Hee has been awarded the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the Berlin Festival, one of the three major film festivals in the world, for her portrayal in the movie "Night At The Beach Alone". Compared to past cases, she would qualify for the Culture Medal of Merit.

Some instances of past cases who recieved the medal:
- Kang Su Yeon who won Best Actress Award at the Venise International Film Festival 1987
- Shin Hye Soo who won Best Actress Award at the Montreal International Film Festival 1988
- Jeon Do Yeon who won Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival 2007
- Moon So Ri and Choi Min Sik also received the Okgwan (Jeweled Crown).
- Park Chan Wook received the Bogwan (Precious Crown)
- Shin Sang Ok received the highest merit, the Gold Crown Cultural Merit.

In the case of Kim Min Hee however, the situation is embarrassing. The public opinion is very negative as she has been caught in an affair with film director Hong Sang Soo.
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said: "The actors who won the Best Actress Award at the three biggest film festivals were rewarded. We will discuss this with the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, however there is nothing currently set, they added cautiously"

[ +95, -7 ] If you give a decoration, it will not be a joke. Private life is private life and acting is acting, however this is Korea...

[+70, -9] Does a homebreaker receive a medal? This is Korea

[+67, -10] Don't do it

[+56, -8] Do not upload their pictures or articles, just tell them to go live their affair

[+51, -7] Are you encouraging adultery??

[+23, -2] No matter how good a prize is, what is it? It is still an affair that destroyed the family. He is still a person with a legal family. Are there no maneers in this country? Award, award, award... This is embarrassing.

[+19, -1] So the award criteria is only overseas awards? lol

[+19, -2] You're really crazy then...

[+18, -3] I think we should not. Does the medal without the consent of the public mean anything... You cannot accept acting as just acting, that movie will never be free from the uncomfortable gaze on their private life. You do not want to make a precedent of adultery being glorified as art.

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