Monday, February 27, 2017

"Kim Tae Hee's husband X Zhang Li's boyfriend" Ju Yeong Hun, Joo Jin Mo, Rain. Best friends' shot.

Article via Naver 

On the 27th, Ju Yeong Hun posted a picture on his instagram with the caption:

"Lee Yoon Mi's husband, Kim Tae Hee's husband, Zhang Li's boyfriend. Exciting rounding. Congratulations Jin Mo-ya, congratulations Ji Hoon-ah"

[+1256, -31] Joo Jin Mo has a really small face, doesn't he...

[+1258, -63] Ju Yeong Hun is really proud eh

[+272, -9] The size of Ju Yeong hun's head is overwhelming

[+267, -9] Even as they get older, some people don't change. Ju Yeong Hun... this isn't a choding, this is Kim Tae Hee's husband, so what? Why are you bragging? You really look like a loser

[+234, -16] Ju Yeong Hun, I really don't want to see your face

[+175, -6] Can someone erase Ju Yeong Hun with photoshop?

[+147, -10] Look at the size of Jin Mo's head!

[+75, -1] Academic forgery, Ju Yeong Hun the conman.

[+80, -5] Why are you two with this strange guy?

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