Monday, February 27, 2017

Lee Byung Hun and Park Bo Gum considering "Ansi Fortress" movie

Article via Naver  

[+6372, -207] Lee Byung Hun, how many movies do you want to shoot every year?

 > [+814, -67] All the controversy will be ended by acting skills lol

> [+780, -42] His acting is so good. How can directors ever leave him alone lol.

> [+644, -29] The point is, he fits his role perfectly in every movie

> [+143, -6]  Lee Byung Hun in the role of General Yang Manchun??

> [+480, -31] Why some immoral people have so much talent? Especially Lee Byung Hun, he has the talent level of a devil kkkk

> [+278, -60] In recent years, he seems to be taking on a lot of works, in a way it seems like he is trying to repay his fans. Still questionable as a human but I am gradually cheering for the actor.

[+4731, -309] A Lee Byung Hun movie release every ten days... (Single Rider is screening. Two other movies are confirmed for this year and he is considering 서복 too in addition to Ansi Fortress)

[+3952, -250]  Lee Byung Hun is more active since the scandal

> [+84, -3] Totally...

> [+462, -62] I don't know if we're more generous with men about affairs. Kim Min Hee would've been dead by now

> [+212, -138]  Isn't Lee Byung Hun and Kim Min Hee's stories a bit different?

> [+210, -125] Kim Min Hee you say? Kim Min Hee broke up a home and is still going at it. Lee Byung Hun is living happily. Is there a basis for what you're saying?

> [+154, 22] In that case why are male entertainers in sex scandals known while women's names are hidden?

> [+117, -41]  Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee in all consciousness go back home, is that the same as Lee Buyng Hun? Did Lee Byung Hun abondon Min Jung Lee? Don't talk nonsense, 

>  Like Kim Min Hee? kkkkk. 

[+3294, -362] Looking forward to Park Bo Gum!

[+2548, -369] Park Bo Gum is a strong candidate, daebak! 

[+485, -42] Park Bo Gum when confirmed, write an article. And how many movies will Lee Byung Hun do this year? 

[+467, -36] Park Bo Gum's agency said this is one of proposed works, still under review.

[+636, -109] Park Bo Gum, good choice!

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