Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won are considering lead roles in remake of "Criminal Minds"

[+43, -1] Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won are the pairing I wanted to see, I will be waiting for this!

[+38, -0] Both are good, so if they do it they will do it well. I hope we get fixed soon.

[+36,-0] LJK said he will inform the public of his next release via SNS. So far no word yet

[+33, -0] Really capable actors, both. Expectations are rising!

[+32, -1] I'm looking forward to Criminal Minds but I wonder how they will pull off the remake

[+23, - 0] Both are good, once confirmer it'll be a bang!

[+23, - 0] It seems to me she met her match. Let's make the drama a hit !

[+22,- 0] The God of acting, Jun Ki nim! If it's true, come on come on!

[+17, - 0 ] He will go well with Moon Chae Won

[+17, - 0] Good chemistry!

[+14, -0] Both are good actors, whether it will do well is a matter of how well the script is written. As long as the script is good, these actors will do it justice.

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