Monday, February 27, 2017

Military survey: Kim Go Eun would be most suitable to portray Yu Gwansun (a symbol of Korea's fight for Independance)

Article via Naver / Yonhap News 

Before the 98th anniversary of the March 1st movement (Sam-il 3-1, Korean resistance against the Japanese), military officers responded that actor Kim Goo-eun was the most suitable for portraying the role Yu Gwan-sung (Korea's Joan of Arc) who led the movement.

The National Defense Daily, published by the National Defense Public Information Agency (Director Yi Bae-woo), conducted a survey on the soldiers' online ranking by the theme of  'What is the number one actress to cast at Yu Gwan Soon?' For three weeks from the end of January. 

The questionnaire survey showed a great deal of interest, involving 2,989 soldiers as part of the defense network (intranet).

According to the results of the survey, Kim Go-eun, who was recently loved for her drama 'Goblin' (tvN), was ranked # 1. Among the participating soldiers, 462 people aka 22.2% supported her.

The soldiers say that Kim Goo-eun would be able to bring out the emotion of Yu Gwan-sun, who cried out for the independence of the fatherland in a young age, as much as possible. Kim Go Eun is a good actress, has good personality,  a charming look, and she's a white paper-like actress that can wear any outfit very well"

In the second place, actress Park Bo Young (228), the daughter of the former official in the Special Forces.

The soldiers pointed to Park Bo-young for "the image of Yu Gwan-soon, the strong image of patriotism, and the actor who can express patriotism and emotions", "not only looks but also hairstyle to match well with Yu Gwan-soon."

Shim Eun-kyung (185), the actress who starred in the films "Sunny" and "Suspicious Girl", was ranked 3rd.

[+110, -4] Kim Go Eun is 뭔들 (meaning she's good at everything!). An actress that's like a white paper. I want to meet you soon!

[+100, -3] I believe you will be able to do Yu Gwan Su justice like you did to all your other roles. Go Eun-sshi fighting!

[+95, -4] Yokshi, Kim Go Eun (of course, it'd be Kim Go Eun)! Fighting imnida!

[+91, -4] If Yu Gwan Su had a high nose and double eyelids, it would be awkward. I like Kim Go Eun, she'd be a good match.

[+90, -5] Actress Kim Go Eun would be perfect

[+59, -0] It's such a hard role to cast. I hope Kim Go Eun receives more love.

[+55, -0] It would suit her!

[+55, -0] No matter what role Kim Go Eun plays she can embrace it perfectly. I am looking forward to your work as an actress!

[+52, -0] Kim Go Eun is like a white paper, so any role she will draw a good picture of.

[+51, -0] Kim Go Eun can do everything well! 

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