Monday, February 27, 2017

Ryu Jun Yeol puts female college students in a very "Jun Yeol holic" mood

Article via Naver // Chosun 

Ryu Jun-yeol gave unforgettable memories to hundreds of female college students through express fan service on KBS2 'Entertainment Weekly' school attack corner broadcast on the 25th. In addition, in a solo interview, he showed a warm and cheerful attitude and a warm appeal.

[+422, -19] I enjoyed the sweet and honest actor Ryu, Jun Yeol. Come out more often.

[+407, -19] The more you know him, the more you'll be attracted to Ryu Jun Yeol...

[+399, -19] This is a person who is a  Jun Yeol holic for the first time. The more you know him the better it gets. Ryu Jun Yeol is love.

[+385, -17] So envious of the female college students who were there. Ryu Jun Yeol was wonderful.

[+124, -12] This is not a school attack, it's a heart attack. I want to be there!!!

[+111, -9] Sweet Ryu Jun Yeol ~~♡-♡ a heart attack really. I will cheer for your next works that are lined up.

[+115, -11] I really admire how he embraced all the female students in on big hug 

[+130, -3]  I am also a Jun Yeol holic. If you know RJY you will fall in love, it will not be the same. He is cool. 

[+118, -3] RJY is a very sensible and witty person. Let's stay together!

[+114, -3] RJY is full of charms. Once you discover that, you'll fall for him!

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