Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Uhm Jung Hwa and Goo Hye Sun get asked whether actresses fight on set

Article via Naver  

During the press conference of their new drama, they both laughed it off.

[+10852, -551] If women fight, they call it jealousy. But when men fight they call it competition

[+6807, -221] To ask them about fighting, it's really funny

[+4811, -297] Go Hye Sun looks so pretty these days. Uhm Jung Hwa looks loved and pretty.

[+3109, -135] Long comment about how fighting between men is part of social life and they brush it off, while women have no group life

>[+311, -12] I relate like crazy

>[+389, -24] Imaginary description by men who want women to be like little girls

>[+103,-2] Honestly, this is true

[+1486, 669] I will cheer for you both

[+571, -21] There are still questions like "are you fighting with female actresses"?....

[+385, -6] How long are you going to keep asking if women fight each other? When men get together, there is a rank order so why not ask if they're fighting?

[+350, -2] The level of this questionㅋㅋㅋㅋ...

[+254, -5]Fighting... That's the question.... Low key a sexist question

[+236, -2] The level of questions these people ask...

[+218, -3] Fight? This is called a question? Stop with these 90s level questions

[+230, -32] Goo Hye Sun  is so white. White skin is so enviable. As you get older your skin becomes dull with aging and cosmetic after effects, but white skin looks good even in old age

[+141, -13] Their attitude is really good, they clearly respect each other.

[+129, -14] Why is it that when it's an actress it's a fight? Is it not competition?

[+186, -19] I don't know Uhm Jung Hwa's personality but that style doesn't suit her

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