Friday, March 24, 2017

Release of "300 billion won" movie -With God- pushed back till December...

Based on a popular webtoon, the highly anticipated movie was supposed to be released this summer but the unprecedented extensive CGI work has made it impossible to be ready in time for a summer release, thus the first part of the movie will release in December, the second part will release next summer. 

Lotte's strategy is to take advantage of both the coveted winter and summer markets. The gap between the two parts will only be six months, adding more pressure to the production team to have all the special effects ready in time.

[+1977, -24] At least I hope they don't damage the original story. It's such a good piece of work.

[+1056, -43] 300 billion won... where did they use all that

[+808, -21] The actors are good and the content is good. Now it all depends on what the director does of it

[+653, -29] The Korean Harry Potter, let's see how they pull it off

[+68, -4] The original webtoon is the best but the actors are good too... please give us a masterpiece

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