Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Actress Seo Shin Ae, home schooled, passed her GED exams and enrolled in college at just 18 yrs old

[+5067, -131] Highschool is the way to go to university... It's not something that's wrong with the compulsory educational system but it's a sad reality

[+2934, -115] She's good at English and sings well. She has a lot of talent.

[+885, -84] Wow

[+375, -28] She grew up real well

[+331, -16] Her and Park Ji Bin grew up so well. Very mature.

[+289, -8] Her child actress image is too strong, she doesn't look like an adult

[+289, -10] Her face... 

[+345, -30] The world is not just pretty actresses like Jun Ji Hyun or Son Ye Jin. Do you only have beautiful actresses in dramas and movies? Everyone has to find a role that fits their personality. Old or young, why are you so interested in the appearance of a 19 year old who works hard. Are all of you out there pretty and beautiful?

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