Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Article translation, Kang Dong Won

Article via @Wikitree + Naver Blog

[I put the Fb screenshot if anyone wants to go see the comments, I didn't translate them]

Actor Kang Dong Won was caught up in a controversy about 'pro-Japanese ancestry"

It all begun when a netizen posted the news in a movie Naver blog, which was named Kang Dong-won's great grandfather was pro-Japanese.

Kang Dong Won asked Naver to block this blog post, saying that the image was "defamation". Naver blocked the post on August 28 according to its own regulations.

The blogger responded to the blockade, and on the night of the 28th, he rewrote on SNS with the title "Mail from Kang Dong Won".

In this article, he wrote, "There is no future for the people who are trying to conceal," he said, saying, "It is not something I invented, nor something that you did, it's just history and history can't change"He said.

Kang Dong Won's great-grandfather was Lee Jong Man (1885 ~ 1977). He is listed in advance of the National Institute for Japanese Studies. Lee Jong Man was a businessman who served as a director at the Chosun Dynasty, a pro - Japanese organization in Japan during the Japanese occupation, and was known as a 'mine king' because he owned a gold mine in Pyongan Province.

He is said to have made a large amount of donations to the Japanese police, while serving as a pro-Japanese group executive. It is said he is a first-grade pro-Japanese supporter registered in the pro-Japanese name dictionary. He is said to have funded the creation and maintenance of the comfort women and has gained wealth in exchange for the mining rights. He is also said to have paid war money to Japan during the Pacific War.

Regarding this controversy, some fans point out that there is no relation between Kang Dong Won and the great-grandfather, and that it is just "guilt by association" which draws such controversy. It is also said that Kang Dong-won may not have known about that great-grandparent at the time of the interview in 2007 where he mentioned and supposedly praised him.

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