Thursday, March 9, 2017

Controversial teenager rapper Jang Yong Joon shuns his Congressman father, is coming to SMTM 6

Jang Yong Joon is the teenager son of Congressman Jang Je Won. He was kicked out of Mnet's "Highschool rapper" after SNS proof emerged of him being rude to his mother, being a school bully (he attends St Paul Preparatory Seoul, a school that prepares its students for Ivy League universities in the US), soliciting a prostitute on Twitter. His father has since issued an apology.

Jang Yong Joon is signed under Prima Music Group and decided to audition for SMTM6.

A resume of what he said:"It's a shameful and irrevocable past that I have but I have realised my mistakes and I am very confident and passionate about my music. I apologize to those who do not want to see me again but I would like to ask them to watch over me as a teenager who becomes an adult. I want to also say that my father is irrelevant to my life. We respect each other's lives and support each other. Since I was a kid, I have been bullied by my father's job but at the time I supported his dream and I think he would support mine now. We don't live together anymore and I'd like for you to refrain mentioning him in comments regarding me."

[+11399, -259] Without your parents, you have no life.

[+7084, -219] Just be quiet....

[+5733, -194] Shameless...

[+4035, -162] ???????????????????????????????????????????

[+ 2333, - 44] It's thanks to your father that you are attending a foreign school in Korea, you owe it to him. It doesn't matter to you how much you enjoyed those benefits?

[+2112, -30] How could you say that? Your father has legal and moral responsibility towards you, he is a member of parliament and has political responsibility too. And when you're a politician all eyes are on the family. Look after your parents

[+1854, -21] Did you fall from the sky? Grow up!

[+1744, -26] He's irrelevant? Then don't think of inheriting from him. Go start a family and support your kids on your own.

[+1760, -85] You got bullied because of your father's job? I was in the same class as kids of members of the Congress. Rather than being bullied, I was envied by the entire school.

[+1307, -14] What are you talking about ... Do you think you're living your life like that?
Kang Dong Won's "My great-grandfather has nothing to do with me" would be more valid than this.

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