Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Han Suk Kyu and Kim Rae Won get praised. Prison gets divided reviews.

[+1585, -520] (1/10) It's like having two top players like Messi and Ronaldo but with no goals. That's the kind of movie it is. 

[+886, -230] (5/10) I dreamed in vain...

[+476, -155] (10/10) Since the score is low I gave it a 10... but honestly it's 8.5 for me... Entertaining movie, Han Suk Kyu and Kim Rae Won didn't disappoint.

[+316, -92] (10/10) It's been really entertaining. Seeing the whole thing was such a thrill ! 

[+233, -57] (9/10) It's quite a brutal movie and the ending is lacking but the development and material are good. Most individual performances are really good but Han Suk Kyu and Kim Rae Won are something else!

[+1331, -489] (1/10) I only trust Han Suk Kyu and I saw his last battle with Kim Rae Won at the watch tower.. oh my goodness... there's nothing i can remember except screaming... It's a waste of money. Is this the best you could do with such good actors? 

[+871, -431] (1/10) Prisoners ruling the prison? I give you one point because it's too unrealistic 

[+629, -224] (10/10) As expected from Han Suk Kyu, his acting powers really deliver 

[+510, -178] (1/10) Except for the acting, it's so vain and boring. I had my phone in my hands the whole time.

[+546, -216] (10/10) Been a long time since I saw a well made Korean movie. I had so much fun. Han Suk Kyu and Kim Rae Won were the best.

[+520, -223] (10/10) It's a movie that made me think twice about people in power...

[+464, -159] (1/10) Why is there no zero rating or negative score option? 

[+372, -126] (10/10) I think this is the most fun movie I've ever seen 

[+566, -179] (1/10) If you're a fan of the actors you might as well check it out... 

[+441, -203] (4/10) I watched it yesterday. It wasn't fun and left no impression on me. I have nothing to say except acknowledge the acting powers of Han Suk Kyu and Kim Rae Won

[+376, -140] (10/10) Was so cool. I enjoyed it!

[+373, -151] (3/10) Time was passing too slowly when I watched this movie...

[+310,-124] (8/10) I rediscovered Han Suk Kyu, he really got me immersed in the role

[+270,- 128] (10/10) Han Suk Kyu's performance was the best! And Kim Rae Won's was like watching Sunflower all over again! 

[+364, -161] (1/10) Like experiencing two hours of prison then coming out... damn. 

[+183, -60] (10/10) Han Suk Kyu's charisma is something else. And Kim Rae Won has great chemistry with him! 

[+83, -8] (10/10) As expected from Korea's top actors Han Suk Kyu and Kim Rae Won! Everyone acted so well and I enjoyed it. It was really fun! 

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