Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee's press conference is today. Won't avoid questions.

Article via Naver

[+4546, -178] Such a bad example for the abolition of adultery

[+2654, -221] Your image is already damaged

[+2333, -145] There are crazy people out there like these two

[+2120, -78] Shameless, just shameless. Will you stop already? I don't want to see you

[+1730, -81] What do you think would happen if you avoided them? Shameless

[+319, -7] The prize from Berlin  doesn't mean indulgence

[+291, -7] Stop posting articles about them... Let them play with each other... Reporter please, think of it as your parents' story, your father who hasn't even divorced yet has an affair with a girl your age and the whole country knows about it... Do not post their articles. Do not ask them anything

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