Monday, March 20, 2017

Hong Sang Soo's wife reiterated to MBC: "I will not divorce him"

"My husband is like a puppy in love with Kim Min Hee... We have lived so well for 30 years, so many memories, I cannot end it."

Hong Sang Soo doesn't spend any money on his wife and daughter. MBC production team confirmed the shop where his wife now has to work.

[+12540, -712] Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee really have to receive some divine punishment

[+10158, -434] HSS, You said only some people were looking at you badly, right? Don't be mistaken... The majority think of you two as filthy

[+8805, -329] Please go away. I don't want to read about these two

[+8243, -333] Sigh... Hang Song Soo is not a decent human being, why should he be happy

[+5069, -148] No matter how much you like young women, how can you do this  to your wife who was with you for decades... Before being a man, you're a human... The betrayal here is no joke

[+2900, -64] Why don't you give them living expenses?????????

[+2759, -149] Kim Min Hee would have never taken care of a mother in law with dementia...She just wants the right to love without any sense of duty

[+2320, -79] This is so scary...That a man who for 30 years stayed in his house, could turn around like this

[+2163, -47] What would you learn from Hong Sang Soo? If I was a student in that university I would petition against him... What can you possibly learn from people like Hong Sang Soo? (Hong Sang Soo teaches at a university)

[+2224, -81] Kim Min Hee, you'll be forty soon... then your dirty mind will understand it... I hope you live a miserable life

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