Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hong Sang Soo's wife won't give him the satisfaction of a divorce just yet, 3 times denied.

For the third time, Hong Sang Soo's wife refused to divorce him. He can't legally file for one as he has admitted adultery. All in his wife's hands now.

[+20011, -529] Good... Even if the Adultery Act was abolished, I was still surprised how proud they acted at the movie premiere

[+15771, -449] What a shame for the wife and the kid

[+11563, -318] Ugh... Go and get old alone on the beach at night

[+8547, -311] Embarrassing

[+5352, -178] No matter how open minded they are in Hollywood, not even them boast of affairs this proudly

[+2704, -68] "A lonely divorce trial"? This article's title is ridiculous

[+2705, -70] She got back at him. This is a must see

[+2237, -94] Kim Min Hee... so dirty... Hong Sang Soo... a coward. I still don't see what they thought was so sophisticated about this... I pity the wife and daughter.

[+2126, -59] But how can a liable spouse file for divorec? I knew it was never gonna happen

[+2160, -98] Do not give him the divorce. Take it all the way and get all the cost of the living expenses from him

[+1797, -65] Divorce him. Get 20 billion won for compensation, alimony and mental shock and leave him an  old beggar

[+1614, -49] What about throwing away your first wife? Why don't you make a movie about that?

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