Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hyun Bin draws praise from netizen for his good deeds

Lee Si Won mentioned that he once didn't have enough money to stand in a funeral hall, Hyun Bin came over and gave him an envelope

[+11134, -148] Hyun Bin has no controversy about his personality or his acting skills. He did his army service well. I hope you maintain good popularity in the future.

[+5599, -76] Warms the heart

[+4099, -61] That's Hyun Bin for you!

[+3594, -68] That's Ji Oh sunbae, face and mind are perfect! (Ji Oh is Hyun Bin's role in Worlds Within)

[+2501, -54] Rim Cheon Ryung! (Hyun Bin in A Confidential Assignment)

[+467, -17] Hyun Bin's personality is daebak! Leading actor material, good people are really good at everything

[+403, -11] Hyun Bin is really a specimen of a good and right living actor who has a real lead back personality. He has the looks and the body... A man like this is the best among male actors.

[+465, -38] Hyun Bin is really thoughtful.... We need to change this culture... Holding an envelope of money for condelences is lowly

[+381, -10] This is the reason he lasted as an actor

[+327, -11] Hyun Bin is really good... Ji Oh sunbae, Kim Joo Won, Sam Sik ㅠㅠ

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