Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"I Live Alone" saved Jun Hyun Moo. Diagnosed with a tumor that could develop into cancer, during his birthday broadcast.

Article via Naver

Jun Hyun Moo underwent a medical checkup for his birthday episode of "I Live Alone" (last November) and was diagnosed fortuitously with a tumor in the large intestine, the doctor said there was a high probability of cancer in the future. Jun Hyun Moo felt the seriousness of the situation and started treatment according to the doctor's recommendation. 

A rep of Jun Hyun Moo said that since then small polyps have been removed and he will have to remove the large ones now. Since he is busy with a lot of programs, he will coordinate his schedule to fit the surgery.

[+7916, -128] Hyun Moo sshi, I'm a viewer who watches the broadcast. What good is it for those who lose their health and gain the world? You do not look so healthy when I look at the screen. You don't exercise a lot, and eat and eat. I will cheer for you ^^

[+5637, -101] Health is important. It's in your character to seek satifaction from your type of work but it's better to do this now and not regret it later. Good luck to you

[+4820, -85] Get the treatment first, Your ability is excellent so you'll be able to catch another program  later

[+3084, -65] It's good to work hard on broadcasts, but think about your health first

[+2166, -33] You're 40 years old, you need to manage your health better. There are many people who die from cancer at an even younger age.

[+204, -6] It's all useless if you lose your health

[+165, -5] Entertainers do not get regular check ups like regular people. You have to take care of yourself. Yes you don't have to worry about celebrities but these broadcasters are so busy that they find out this stuff through a broadcast.

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