Wednesday, March 15, 2017

JTBC: The Blue House purchased 26 document shredders, evidence might have already been destroyed

Article via Naver

JTBC have unveiled that since they first started reporting their breaking story on Choi Soon Shil, the Blue House has purchased 26 paper shredders. Important data and evidence might already have been destroyed.

[+31595, -162] Do you not want to go search the Blue House??? Kim Su Nam, attorney general!!

[+28650, -154] They want to destroy the evidence. Quickly go seize and search! 

[+24678, -152] I'm sorry to say this but the Criminal Procedure Act must be amended. This is a criminal hideout yet it can't even be seized? How massive was the amount to destroy if they had to buy 26 shredders?

[+22098, -127] Totally evidence destruction

[+18651, -119] Blue House search, Park Geun Hye detention investigation, what more required conditions do you need?

[+4665, -21] She is really the worst. Park Geun Hye

[+4223, -22] It's a crime den. Even so, seize the Blue House and Park Geun Hye's residence!

[+4167, -20] This is really bad. You're letting the criminals do this.

[+3959, -22] You can't avoid the search but he doesn't seem to want to do it... Kim Su Nam two timer, this man is suspicious

[+3745, -31] Hul.... Cunning!!

[+3454, -18] If it's really 26... then they have destroyed everything... Fuck

[+3121, -16] Even now it seems the Blue House staff that remained are destroying evidence

[+2659, -7] So they already got rid of all the documents that needed to disappear, didn't they? This country is sloppy

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