Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jung Man Sik: "I don't regret not going to college"

Article via Naver

I married at forty, and I said to myself  ''I did not go to college, I do not regret it.'' My final education is high school graduation, but my wife is a doctor. She was the first foreign woman doctor in Osaka University of Arts in Japan. What is there to regret? I can still do things I want to do, things I can do, things I like, and I met a Dr. It's really a successful life.

[+4767, -67] So true. For example, like Yang Hyun Seok or Jung Man Sik, If you know what your teenage self likes and what your ability is then you won't need to go to University. And there's no guarantee that you'll be successful with college ...

[+3720, -217]  There are a lot of actors who major in theater and movies (Kim Young-kwang, Jin Se Yeon and so on) and still have not one shred of guilt (about their acting).

> [+89, -290]  In spite of what's inside the parenthesis, I still agree

> [+608, -42] Kim Young Kwang, Jin Se Yeon... you cannot deny they can't act

> [+516, -5] Jang Soo Won too, graduated in robot acting

> [+202, -9] But even if they do not have a lot of acting skills, they don't harm people. To start popular idols as leads, isn't that more a problem?

> [+89, -2] Don't they enroll in universities as celebrity exceptions

> [+31, -0] Kim Young Kwang is a theater & film major? lol, I thought while he modeled, he just turned to acting

[2069, -24] Such a great actor. Fighting!

[1589, -36] Your acting is good, I want you to do more projects in the future.

[+1242, -21] He's so cool

[+413, -8] Nowadays college is a waste of money. Only those who can study hard should go to college

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