Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kang Dong Won's official statement, "I am really ashamed"

Hello, this is Kang Dong Won.

First of all, I apologize deeply and bow down for the inconvenience caused by this controversy.

Since childhood, I grew up listening to moving stories of the great-grandfather.
My grandmother was a descendant of an independent benefactor, so I naturally accepted it like that, and at the time of the interview in 2007, I could not correctly recognize his wrongdoings.

I apologize once again.
This was confusing and shocking.
Moreover, since it is related to family history, it was necessary to grasp the problem accurately and take time to look at related data.
I apologize to the people involved for the inexperienced response from this process.
I apologize to all of you for failing to give my position quickly.

Before I become an actor, I have to correct the wrongful history as one of the people of the Republic of Korea and I think that such a shameful thing should not be repeated again.
So I am really ashamed about this.
The fact that they I did not recognize the past correctly, It is my fault that I could not tell you my position in a short time.

I have come to know of the shameful past of my great-grandfather.
I will continue to study history and reflect on myself through this incident.
In addition, even if little I can do I will try to work on it
Again, this has caused such anxiety for everyone and I sincerely apologize. 

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