Friday, March 10, 2017

Kang Ha Neul is a nice guy, part 2563

Kang Ha Neul's Instagram account got hacked again and it followed a lot of people. He apologized once he got it back but said he won't unfollow. He calls it fate and hopes they all get along well.

[+623, -12] What do you benefit from hacking someone else's space? Please stop doing that! Actor nim, just forget about and start shooting smoothly today, fighting! Super positive mind, Kang Sky (Haneul in Korean means Sky)

[+415, -2] Seriously, these hackers...

[+439, -9] Another moving story comes out... Kang Ha Neul's character

[+286, -3] Why are you hacking Kang Ha Neul. Don't do that!

[+187, -4] His sincerity is really something!

[+31, -1] Another addition to Kang Ha Neul's moving stories

[+25, 0] I feel good about what you said... Why do people hack.... It seems it was hard on you.... In the future too, show me a good figure

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