Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kim Rae Won: "I refused a big hit drama, which one is a secret"

Article via Naver 

"I did a rom com after a long time (Doctors) but I was offered a role in a hit drama before it, I declined. The actor did it really well and has now hit it big ... maybe I wouldn't have done it so well (laughs)"

[+6920, -151] I still wonder why he didn't get a daesang for Punch...

[+4642, -90] Punch... the drama of a lifetime. I thought Kim Rae Won was sick for real, it was so believable

[+3987, -100] Punch... a lifetime drama

[+3172, -91] Punch was daebak!

[+1087, -48] He is a fine actor and great at action too... I don't know why SBS keep treating him like this

[+890, -48] Such a shame, however that prize isn't everything. Nowadays they're so meaningless with online voting

[+698, -23] If Kim Rae Won didn't get the daesang for Punch, who got it then? 

[+504, -30] Honestly why did you not give him a daesang for Punch? Everytime I'd see that scene with Cho Jae Hyun eating jajamyun I'd want to eat it too

[+411, -20] In Punch, Cho Jae Hyun and Kim Rae Won hard carried, it was so cool

[+374, -23] Punch is the best drama I've ever seen, it was ridiculously good

[+344, -19] Punch was daebak. Worthy of a daesang

[+340, -24] I first saw Kim Rae Won in Sunflower... His voice tone is memorable... A great actor

[+295, -35] He is someone who cares a lot for other people. Hit daebak on your movie!

[+234, -23] Hit the jackpot with Prison and win best actor!

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