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꽃미남 representative actor, Kang Dong Won. Various trivia from movie sets.

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I collected the filmography of kkotminam representative Kang Dong Won. Having more female fans that anyone else, he is diligent enough to shoot one or two movies per year.

Let's look at the back story of some of his movies.

1- A Violent Prosecutor 

Kang Dong Won and Shin Hye Sun's kiss scene was not in the original script. It was added after opening an emergency meeting during shooting, and Kang Dong Won and Shin Hye Sun had to shoot a kiss scene without saying a word to each other.

2- The Priests

The piglet from The Priests cried so much during early filming that shooting couldn't proceed. However, the moment Kang Dong Won hugged him, he was silent and they resumed shooting.

3- Kundo: Age of The Rampant

In the fight scene where Kang Dong Won's long hair was released, Kang Dong Won wanted to keep the wig disheveled and messy. But the makeup team wanted him to look beautiful and managed to spray treatments on the wig. 

4- Too Beautiful To Lie

The scene of eating Cheongyang chilli pepper at the bachelor meeting was Kang Dong Won actually eating the chilli pepper for realism.

5- Voice of a Murderer

Although Kang Dong Won appeared in the movie mostly as a voice over, he still came everyday to the set to hang out with the actors.

6- Temptation of Wolves

The role of Jung Tae Sung which started the "Kang Dong Won'' syndrome was originally supposed to be played by Jang Woo Hyuk

7- My Brilliant Life

Kang Dong Won read the script for the first time on a plane to Bangkok, he re-read it 5 times. Although he tried to avoid crying, the crew saw him cry and brought him a towel.

8- M

Smoking was necessary for the movie but Kang Dong Won had just quit smoking around that time so the production team made him a cigarette without nicotine (with dried mugwort)

9- Maundy Thursday

Kang Dong Won said he had a lot of nightmares after filming the death row scene. He cried himself out of tears.

10- Secret Reunion

On the day where filming was cancelled due to various bad conditions on the shooting set, Kang Dong Won sang along while playing guitar for the tired stuff.

11- Jeon Woo Chi: The Taoist Wizard

Kang Dong Won had plans to do three works without stop before enlisting but director Choi Dong Hoon wrote the script too late and resulted in a six month delay.

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