Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lee Byung Hun's emotional acting in Single Rider left everyone in awe

[+603, -136] 10/10 It was a good movie to look back on our lives when the media is mainly composed of irritating content such as murder rape and serial killings! Lee Byung-hun Gong Hyo-jin Ahn So-hee solitude, loneliness, materialism, reality. Looking back on each other's life, asking questions about ourselves

[+468, -65] 10/10 How does one live a full life...

[+498, -126] 10/10 So calm yet heavy... Great acting by everyone

[+504, -144] 9/10 Lee Byung Hun's tears would convince anyone

[+424, -99] 10/10 For the actors sensitive acting, I give a 10/10 rating

[+399, -59] 10/10 I just watched it on the day it was released.
You can go see it with someone.
But it is recommended to watch it alone.
Feel the loneliness of Lee Byung Hun in the movie and his monologues ..
As time goes on, you will feel a desolation and loneliness that will not be soon forgotten

[+347, -85] 8/10 The story of Kang Jae Hoon, his journey, the events unfolding.... The presence of Lee Byung Hun and his aura are overwhelming

[+314, -78] 10/10 Really moved me. Lee Byung Hun did so well

[+278, -46] 10/10 I was left with a feeling of loneliness that is difficult to express in words...

[+245, -39] 10/10 It's been a few hours since I saw it... and I'm still struggling

[+248, -65] 10/10 I saw it at the theater today and I keep thinking about it. A movie that stays with you... Lee Byung Hun is truly an acting God.

[+216, -50] 10/10 When a movie ends, it gets forgotten over time but how come this one doesn't...

[+189, -34] 10/10 My heart is heavy. A movie like Single Rider that makes you think about what really matters, is recommanded

[+174, -30] 10/10 Wow. I want to see it by myself again. A movie that makes you look back on your life

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