Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lee Gook Ju gets criticized for her sexual harassment controversies by an actor

Controversy broke out when Lee Gook Ju responded to hateful comments about her kiss with Sleepy on the latest broadcast of "We Got Married". One user called her out for double standards and netizen found out he is an actor, his reply to her received more than 11k likes on Facebook. 

Actor Eun Shi Woo to Lee Gook Ju: "You are offended by one bad comment? What about all the male celebrities you molested in public, you already have ten cases of sexual harrasment, aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

For context, Lee Gook Ju has been in sexual harrasment controversies multiple times (forcibly kissing celebs, grabbing butts, etc) and has also put down a lot of female celebs about their slim figure or use of plastic surgery. She either never apologized or brushed it off as "comedy" or "in the script". So the public sentiment is very much against her.

[+11169, -1233] Lee Gook Ju sshi, you don't have the right to use your appearance as a shield, you say you get discriminated againt because of your appearance so you indulge in these acts. There's no moral standard just for you alone

[+8328, -683] Lee Gook Ju has been criticized before for sexual harrasment, in SBS Ent Daesang, singer Kim Jong Kook asked not to be kissed but she did it, on SBS again she grabbed Jo Jung Chi's butt. She never really adressed the controversies and only said "it was on the script"

[+10382, -1392] How bad must he have felt... it's not easy to be this direct. I don't want to defend Lee Gook Ju either

[+7453, -1113] Good riddance

[+2872, -250] It's true that it backfired on her but Lee Gook Ju should start listening to what needed to be said.

[+2348, -156] Both her actions and the hate comments she received should be punished

[+2276, -168] He got his name out there with just one commentㅋㅋ... Great PR moveㅋㅋ

[+2130, -189] If someone touched a female entertainer, would he have gotten away with saying ''it was in the script"?

[+1986, -207] If Lee Gook Ju sexually harrassed those celebs, she should get punished. But receiving hate for her appearance and age is a line you shouldn't cross either

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