Saturday, March 18, 2017

Lee Jun Ki and Park Min Young are each other's anonymous date in Florence, Italy.

Article via Naver (My Ear Candy 2 - tvN)

[+1476, -32] When Park Min Young confided in him, he advised her calmly and realistically... Lee Jun Ki is so cool 

[+1098, -20] Lee Jun Ki's voice is great

[+975, -25] Lee Jun Ki is a wonderful person 

[+881, -29] Jun Ki-ya, come back with a drama

[+792, -27] Let's go with a rom com this time, Lee Jun Ki.... So charming!

[+235, -16] Lee Jun Ki makes my heart flutter... He is so caring about the others... I can't wait for next week

[+231, -17] Today was the best romance index... Both are real honey

[+197, -9] I am so sad that it was so short. It ended in a flash!

[+191, -13] Lee Jun Ki is sooo attractive

[+173, -9] So freaking sweet

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