Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lee Min Ho in ambitious documentary about ecology of Korea's Demilitarized Zone

Lee Min Ho will be presenting a documentary about the wildlife of the DMZ, a zone that hasn't allowed any human access for more than half a century. He has participated directly by donating to the project and accompanying the film maker throughout the filming period that lasted 1 year and 5 months. He traveled back and forth to the DMZ for a year and a half between his drama shootings his CFs and his overall tight schedule. Lee Min Ho along with the crew endured the harsh conditions of shooting including the unpredictable wildness and the cold weather that can go to -30°. MBC will introduce to viewers on April 3rd the ecology and wildlife of the most heavily guarded demilitarized zone in the world.

[+390, -6] He participated on site directly and for a long time... So cool. I think you really are a good actor. I want to see this

[+326, -6] I'll be waiting for the broadcast

[+295, -5] I really have to see this

[+280, -6] Refreshing news first thing in the morning, and handsome too

[+274, -9] Lee Min Ho exploring the unknown. I will wait for this!

[+122, -1] A really cool actor!

[+121, -1] Wow, this one is a must see!

[+121, -2] I can't wait to see this documentary

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