Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Leeteuk struggles with phone number leak, pleads to fans: "Please stop calling me after midnight..."

Article via Naver 

[+13969, -149] I'm really tired.... How is that a fan? A fan would protect his privacy, watch from a distance, cheer..

[+10227 ,-111] Why call or send texts? Did you ever get an answer ? He won't read them. How is it possible to get a good night's sleep?

[+7466, -101] That's not a fan, that's a sasaeng

[+4322, -75] Cheer up, it must be really hard

[+453, -12] Seriously who wouldn't want to text or call? As a fan I want to hear from him too but we're fans and you shouldn't. Thoughtless people parodying as fans, I want you to know this isn't what fans do

[+365, -9] It's illegal to call someone else's number to invade his privacy and why are you calling at dawn? He's working from morning till late at night to complete his schedule

[+339, -11] What if he gets an emergency call? Even as a fan if you get an emergency call, wouldn't you answer it? What's so different between your lives? Think about it. I would sue for damages

[+292, -8 ] Is it fun to contact someone you don't even know? Is it fun to call at night? There are so many kids out there with no basic education

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