Thursday, March 2, 2017

Netizen divided about Joo Jin Woong's new thriller movie "Bluebeard"

Netizen comments with their personal rating of the movie out of ten.

[+813, -220] This is the worst movie (1/10)

[+705, -188] For a thriller, the tension falls and it becomes boring. I fell asleep (5/10)

[+632, -206] It's a movie that made me really nervous, the performances were excellent and I became more anxious as the movie went on. (10/10)

[+572, -172] To be honest, the probability is too low. The reversal had no reason to be and the back and forth are not connected, a waste of time and money (1/10)

[+410, -111] The acting was good but the story was really lacking (4/10)

[+711, -243] I was expecting this from my favorite Joo Jin Woong but it was not very good (1/10)

[+437, -136] A shuffle of obscure sequences. All you're left with is boredom upon boredom (1/10)

[+386, -128] All throughout vague movie, until the very end (4/10)

[+387, -138] Well, it wasn't that great (1/10)

[+382, -151] Not the screen atmosphere that I expected, music seems to be lacking (6/10)

[+257, -59] I know now why Kim DaeMyung's acting is so weird (9/10)

[+237, -48] Shin Goo-nim wow... Really nailed it (10/10)

[+343, -157] I just saw it, the story is boring and the flow of it is strange. Between Logan and Bluebeard why did I choose Bluebeard... I don't know if the ratings are good but I believed in it because I like JJW (1/10)

[+221, -38] Kim Dae Myung's voice is a real thriller booster. I believed in JJW, my heart was racing until the end (10/10)

[+300, -117] I was waiting for this movie but I'm really disappointed (6/10)

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