Friday, March 10, 2017

Netizen praise Kang Ha Neul and Park Jung Min's Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet

[+9682, -772] 10/10 So what if it's not a lucrative movie? Would you rather go watch Kang Dong Won dance? Without a country there's no movie. (A Violent Prosecutor released at the same time)

[+7389, -97] 9/10 I was wondering why it was shot in black and white, but it had to be black and white. Like a candle lit in the darkness, Dong Ju was also a shining glow of light in our darkest times.

[+5471, -100] 10/10 
Until the day I die
I long to have no speck of shame
when I gaze up toward heaven,
so I have tormented myself,
even when the wind stirs the leaves. (poem by Yun Dong Ju)

[+4586, -65] 10/10 I saw it at the premiere. It's a movie that all the people of Korea can look back on. It was a small theater but worth the watch

[+3438, -56] 9/10 A man bearing the pains of time, Yun Dong Ju

[+3358, -55] 10/10 When you study Yun Dong Ju's poetry in school, you'll be embarrassed to have grumbled about it

[+3099, -48] 10/10 I burst into tears at the last line

[+2986, -65] 10/10 Deserves a hundred stars. Everyone at the theater came out in tears... At the ending credits, I couldn't stop crying.

[+2616, -38] 10/10 Please release it in more theaters, good things need to be shared!

[+2192, -34] 10/10 Thank you. We exist now because of you.

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