Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Netizen rave about "New Trial", deeply moved by the actors' performances.

[+1289, -136 ] A show stopper, seriously... Seriously.

[+1121, -164] You don't see a movie like this in Korea every day

[+951, -130] Even if the name of the movie is Retrial, it's a really cool movie and it's more fun than expected

[+858 ,-147]The Attorney was also a big hit due to word of mouth. The actors' performance is gratifying. It's a real fun movie and the best made movie of this January/February.

[+812, -108] Everyone's acting is so good. Especially the detective, he's so good you really want to beat him. And the ending is so clean and satisfying.

[+723, -44] I can't forgive the actions of police and prosecutors who ruined a person's life for their own benefit.

[+610, -56] Jung Woo, Kang Ha Neul, Lee Dong Hwi... all the actors are so immersed in their roles.

[+536, -71] Impressive. I almost had tears in my eyes a few times. As soon as the movie ended, I started looking out the actual events on the net.

[+430, -76] I saw it at the premiere and I enjoyed it so much. The actors performed so well. The story was so good. I hope it will be a hit.

[+405, -68] Based on a true story, I was impressed with the performance of the actors. I've enjoyed it a lot, it's a movie that a lot of people would love to see.

[+324, -43] I know it's just a movie but I'm so angry, I'm sorry... there are a lot of detectives that are really garbage like this. Jung Woo, Kang Ha Neul, so tense, so good.

[+300, -42] The message of the movie came strong.

[+259, -31] There must be more people like the bishop who recognize social problems and adress them. We also need more people actual people like the attorney. Amazing. The actors really delivered. I enjoyed it very much, daebak, hit the jackpot!

[+239, -27] I hate that this is happening in Korea... I applaud the performance of the actors who impressed me and made my heart break

[+213, -24] Hyun Woo-ah (Kang Ha Neul's real life character), I am so sorry, I am sorry that I am an adult that could not protect you from this unjust world. I hope the officials will give you a sincere apology, I sincerely hope that in the future everyone will have more common sense so nothing like this happens again. I am so sorry.

[+202, -21] I just saw it. This movie is so good. Strongly recommended.

[+190, -25] A movie that makes you realise you should not ignore the truth. I watched the process until the trial and I felt the power of a little sincerity that I could not ignore as a citizen of Korea. I hope many people will see this. The actors acted so well too!

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