Thursday, March 9, 2017

Netizen react to Barcelona trashing PSG

[+2003, -43] Mr President, you have a great mentality. Apart from the result, I look forward to PSG.

[+1529, -118] The president is better than the team fans. They were freaking out about the penalties.

[+1170, -39] Practice your PKs. It worked.

[+956, -32] Unbelievable defeat. It was nice to see pros getting knocked out like this.

[+122, -28] Real Madrid fans, when Sergio Ramos scored that offside goal in Champions League final, didn't you proudly go to the streets for El Comanche?

[+245, -7] Fuck. I'm a PSG fan, I need to change my nickname here. (User nickname is PSG Will Win CL)

[+259, -31] Neymar got his penalty kick from a foul. Suarez' was just a Hollywood action movie. The ref and his assistants were not good.

[+145, -2] Barcelona really don't know how to give up. The one who showed more commitment were able to win.

[+127, -10] We've witnessed history

[+120, -3] It was a just a game that made no sense. History is history. It was more a valuable victory than a win, the attitude of players made the difference.

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