Sunday, March 5, 2017

Netizen react to Dispatch pictures of Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo out together

Article via Naver

Dispatch caught Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee out of a dermatologist office. After the Berlin Film festival, they entered the country secretly.

[+14389, -677] Pathetic

[+13439, -386] She went from Lee Jong Jae, Lee Soo Hyuk, Jo In Sung to... Hong Sang Soo lol

[+10752, -330] They were so proud of that movie overseas...

[+9437, -462] You won't get rid of the adultery tag just because you're strolling together in the streets

[+7738, -403] Why are you like this?

[+2314, -84] If love is so earnest, I would rather you say sorry to your wife and family and give them the financial support that you can afford, and you should have done it legally, and gotten a divorce... If there was a divorce then it wouldn't be an affair anyway. Is the love your are feeling now too precious that you can't let it go? But it's just a stolen love, think about it.
That's how the family of Hong Sang-soo must feel. One has to be honest with their feelings.

[+2055, -52] Kim Min Hee is not married. The worst is what this asshole is doing to his family

[+1773, -61] You know people who feel guilty avoid people's eyes and bow their heads, but these two don't want to admit it... they turned adultery into romance

[+1602, -73] Just live your life like this then accept the punishment heavens

[+1387, -58] Adultery is not right

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