Sunday, March 5, 2017

Netizen react to Kang Dong Won's apology

[+32625, -1828] I have seen the comments from some of you that descendants can not choose ancestors. It is not Kang Dong Won's fault that he has such a grandfather. So he just has to heartily admit it and live his life right. For example, "Sadly our ancestor was such a person ... and I feel sorry about it." That way Kang Dong Won can live his life as Kang Dong Won properly.

[+27630, -1096] Kang Dong Won is not being called names for being the descendant of a pro Japanese, he is being condemned for praising him. If you didn't know then you should have apologized for being ignorant of the past. I think it was wrong to get angry and report it as defamation., you should have coped with it. I don't know if that's YG's style to file reports but it was the worst.

[+22514, -677] If he had uploaded this apology before asking for the post to be deleted, it would have been better. Instead the order was reversed, people got angry and the image got ruined. Please be more careful of your actions in the future...

[+19073, -708] The great grandfather is pro Japanese... but the grandmother is the descendant of an independence fighter....

[+14992, -548] The great grandfather is pro Japanese. The grand mother an independence fighter... What kind of house is this?

[+4207, -271] Pro Japanese and army controversies are impossible to shield in South Korea

[+3734, -125] Once a pro Japanese is a pro Japanese forever, they sold their country. Their descendants are not at fault but they should be ashamed of it.

[+3829, -215] Dong Won hyung, in the future it will hard to be cast as a patriot (martyr)

[+3480, -193] No  but seriously I don't get it. How can the grandmother be the descendant of an independence activist yet the great grandfather is pro-Japanese

[+3087, -83] "I grew up listening to moving stories about him" I am shocked

[+2773, -91] He said "My grandmother was the descendant of an independant patriot so I naturally accepted the stories about my great grandfather like that". What are you talking about?  So in the household, an independent married a traitor?

[+2648, -101] His great grandfather was registred as pro Japanese for years and Kang Dong Won didn't know about it?

> His grandmother's father in law is registered as pro-Japanese. Furthermore he did the interview 10 years ago and at that time his grandmother had passed away long before that. So yes, Kang Dong Won might not have known.

> But how does he know the name of someone he was not familiar with? All these things came from Kang Dong Won's mouth? He even knew the name of the company he was running

> Even if he knew the name of the company, it doesn't mean he knew about his pro-Japanese acts. Even if there is a lawsuit ongoing, you can't know everything. It's hard to tell you my personal story but we also had a lawsuit ongoing against my elders and I only knew about it later. Besides, I left the household and didn't know anything anymore. Do you know all your family members in detail? There are some things you know and some things you don't. There is no concrete evidence that you'd know, that's just a guess.

[+2855, -202] They lived well for 3 generations, what a lesson to be learned.

> What nonsense is this? Read the article. He is criticized for late feedback and poor handling. What do you mean lived well. Kang Dong Won was not wealthy when he was young, he went for a college degree. And his father climbed the ranks from being a simple employee to a vice president. Please get informed better.

[+2624, -173] Isn't Kang Dong Won at fault? The netizen said that the great grand father was a pro-Japanese and KDW sued for defamation. I'm not going to sue the netizen who raised the facts. When I realize my grandfather's mistake and find fault with his wrongdoings, I will try to work on my own ignorance. You were asking for this.

[+2228, -79] What kind of opposite household is this...

[+2217, -93] KDW's grandmother is a descendant of an independent. Anyone knows who that is?

[+1842, -67] YG just make it worse for their entertainers... Park Bom, GD, Psy, and now Kang Dong Won

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