Saturday, March 4, 2017

Netizen react to Mamamoo's blackface controversy

Mamamoo did a parody of "Uptown Funk" in a concert and used blackface. They have since apologized through their official fancafe.

[+7618, -367] It should be considered no different from a white person doing asian eyes and singing korean songs

[+6502, -610] Ignorant. They're not aware that it's rude

[+5201, -342] If you were doing a parody of a white singer, would you have whitened your face? Please be aware that this is indeed racial discrimination and shouldn't be happening again

[+4005, -342] Would have been nice if this had been corrected while preparing for the event. I am glad we had a quick response though. Both the singer and agency need to be more careful in the future.

[+1073, -55] In the United States, it would be like white people painting their face yellow and dancing to Gangnam Style

[+1006, -55] Take example from the Indian people racism issue in SNL, Dragon Ball, Eric Nam, Krillin

> [+126, -2]Eric Namn is the man. I hated that Ghandi gag whenever it came out
> [+201, -1] Eric Nam is really great. At first it was the Ghandi skit and Eric Nam said he can't mock Ghandi. The PD then suggested Hong Suk Chun, Eric Nam (openly gay) also rejected to mock him and dressed up as Krillin instead.

[+1333, -113] There are many entertainers who act like this without thinking first these days

[+1157, -141] I don't know why their fandoms shield them, racism is wrong.

[+742, -14]  Korea has no law or education about racism. A long time ago, there was a comedy about that and people on YouTube were incredibly upset.

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