Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Netizen react to SBS changing Running Man's timeslot

SBS are shaking up their weekend variety lineup from March 26th.

Fantastic Duo Season 2, which was supposed to air in April, will now be broadcast a week ahead of schedule.

Running Man will move to the 4:50PM timeslot thus making it the first program to air on the "Good Sunday" SBS broadcast.

[+3437, -85] Enough with the music programs, they're boring

[+2753, -107] Running Man is not a punching bag, SBS why are you doing this...;

   > [+98, -111]  If it wasn't for their popularity overseas, RM would have been cancelled by now. They're just dragging it on until now, I don't care to which timeslot it moves

   > [+77, -85] Running Man's popularity in Korea right now is as high as Park Geun Hye's. They're just for overseas export.

   > [+54, -10] The only reason SBS won't cancel it is because Running Man makes money from abroad

  > [+56, -12] They are trying to raise the ratings by avoiding 1Night2Days, Thanks for moving the time zone, you're doing them a favor lol.

[+2432, -81] You can just put Fantastic Duo ahead, why are you moving Running Man?

[+2093, -74] Why is there a season 2 of Fantastic Duo?

[+1943,  -98] Don't change the time of Running Man please

[+345, -33] Running Man >>>>>>> Flower Crew >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fantastic Duo 2 

[+283, -16] Fantastic Duo is not fun! Give me Running Man!

[+250, -14] Fantastic Duo is not funny!

[+263, -19] Leave Running Man alone, SBS are a joke, always playing tricks

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