Friday, March 3, 2017

Official statement of Max Movie. Apology over the defamation of Kang Dong Won's character.

Hello. This is Max Movie.

Max Movie's official position on the "Actor's Personal Information" post on February 27th

1. The first post in question is not an official post on Max Movie. As per Max Movie, this post is personal content posted by an individual member on the production and community site and is independent of Max Movie's editorial direction.

2. The Max Movie logo used in the image of the post is arbitrarily used by the individual users, and Max Movie will be issuing sanctions after checking for facts. In the future, we will improve our management system thoroughly to prevent the recurrence of similar cases.

3. The content listed by User A is very different from the facts listed in the pro Japanese dictionary published by the National Institute of Korean Studies. We are deeply regretful that the intentionally distorted image has been edited with a biased view.

4. The issue content that appeared on the affiliate movie community appeared in a "퍼옴" format on the Max Movie site, but we identified the issue and immediately removed it.

5. As a result of the fact that the content is spreading and this is a serious concern for the defamation of the individual, Max Movie is actively responding to prevent the secondary spread in media, blogs, portals. In this process as per site portal site rules, Max Movie will take responsability for the fact that the request for the name of the actor mentioned in the post was sent through the portal site regulation.

6. We deeply apologize to everyone involved in complaints about the exposure on Max Movie. We are also very sorry to have caused confusion for all readers and members of  Max Movie. In the future, Max Movie will be more cautious in managing our content.
7. Lastly, we would like to ask all the people of the media once more to please understand that the proliferation of this material could cause serious defamation of the individual.

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