Thursday, March 9, 2017

School 2017, Who would you cast? Jinyoung most voted

Article via Naver

20 industry insiders picked who they want to see in the next installment of the School series.

- Kim Jung Hyeon (from Jealousy Incarnate)
- Ahn Woo Hyun (from Jealousy Incarnate)
- Lee Seo Won (from Uncontrollably Fond)
- Jin Ki Joo (from Twenty Again)
- Byeon Woo Seok (from Dear My Friends)
- Lee Tae Hwan (from W)
- Park Hye Soo (from Age of Youth)
- Ji Soo (from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)
- Lee Hyun Woo (from The Liar and His Lover)
- Jung Hae In (from Goblin)
- Shin Eun Soo (from Vanishing Time)
- Woo Do Hwan (from Master)
- Jeon Somi (IOI)
- Jinyoung ( from Legend of The Blue Sea)

Jinyoung is the one who received the most votes.
Nam Joo Hyuk's name was also mentioned.

[+251, -5] Jinyoung would be exciting to watch. He'd do really well.

[+222, -5] Jinyoung's acting in "A Stray Goat" was so good. I don't watch many dramas but when it comes to Jinyoung, I would watch for him

[+217, -6] Hul Jinyoung????? His acting is so good

[+211, -5] Ah you scared me! I thought Jinyoung and Somi has already been cast

[+174, -3] Prince Jinyoung!

[+78, -3] Please Jinyoung! That would be so cool... Somi too, I think she wouldn't be bad as supporting character.

[+74, -2] Jinyoung please do this!

[+61, -2] Jinyoung has good visuals, and good acting too

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