Saturday, March 18, 2017

Suzy, another 100m won donated, this time for patient care support. Member of the Honor Society.

Suzy is a member of the Honor Society since 2015, it consists of members who donate 100m won or more. She's the 791st member.

[+5722, -177] She donated at the end of last year and did it now too. Suzy is really great and cool. She seems to be doing good very steadily.

[+4471, -178] Suzy is pretty and a good person too

[+3663, -169] Really so cool, she seems to be thinking positively and learning a lot and she's pretty too, face and heart.

[+3330, -140] A pretty entertainer, face and heart.

[+3140, -133] Seems like she's donating steadily

[+625, -36] The more she makes money the more she wants to do good, I like it. Suzy fighting!

[+596, -36] Really cool, Suzy giving back to the country. Suzy jjang!

[+528, -32] Pretty face and beautiful heart. I'll cheer for you

[+487, -32] At such a young age, she's doing a lot of things. Suzy, I'll give you that.

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