Sunday, March 26, 2017

"The Prison" surpasses 1 million views in 4 days

[+1521, -128] I saw the movie yesterday. The content was really fresh and the actors were so good. However I was disappointed with the predictable ending. Aside from that, it was overall interesting.

[+1064, -116] It's similar to Asura but the actors are really good

[+896, -106] Be sure to go and watch it

[+703, -100] Prison <3

[+554, -97] On my way to see it with my family, it will be fun

[+131, -11] Jo Jae Yoon is in this too? Is he a prison style movie specialist?

[+161, -22] The actors were all good. Especially the main two actors, they're a guarantee for a great performance. However there was no reason given for Han Suk Kyu's character as to why is he a bad person... and the story is a bit obvious

[+113, -15] There's a lot of content... but why did Han Suk Kyu's character turn out the way he is? I didn't understand why... I think it was different in the Director's Cut.

[+50, -4] I was sad they didn't give a character story to Han Suk Kyu's role

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