Friday, March 3, 2017

"프리즌" V-live roundup. Han Suk Kyun talks Song Kang Ho, Choi Min Sik and the late Jang Jin Young

Article via Naver 

Han Suk Kyu adapted well to the V-Live and showed great charm and sincerity

> Han Suk Kyu plays a prison powerhouse and king. A former police officer played by Kim Rae Won, famous for his arrest rate of 100%, was admitted as a punishment for the hit-and-run, evidence-destroying, and bribery.

> The movie was filmed in a real prison, for realism. (Jangheung Prison)

> Han Suk Kyu said that when he first read the script, he got nervous

> Shin Sung Rok says the character he plays (a villain) has a lot of anger issues.

> Han Suk Kyu expressed regret about the absence of female actresses in the movie "This is the first time I shoot without an actress and my fellow actresses are very angry. It's the director's fault for planning such a movie"

The director then said ''I will make a movie about women's prison next then"

> The cast are really close. Han Suk Kyun said he had a lot of conversations with Kim Rae Won while both went fishing. Shin Sung Rok and Kim Rae Won played basketball together and went fishing too.

> Han Suk Kyun, Song Kang Ho and Choi Min Sik will all release movies in the first half of the year. The three of them have starred together in the past (Shiri in 1999 and No.3 in 1997). Han Suk Kyun said "it's been over 30 years, one day we'll work together again. I'm waiting. It would be nice if we play frauds who betray each other. I wish we could do that."

> Han Suk Kyun also expressed sadness over the late Jang Jin Young's passing. "I have a lot of thoughts about Jang Jin Young. If I did a melodrama, I'd have loved to act it with Jang Jin Young"

> Han Suk Kyun  also expressed his desire to do a melo. "I really want to try it once"

> Finally he said: "The director worked hard for three years, the actors worked really hard. I hope you'll cheer for the movie"

[+479, -20] Actress Jang Jin Young, if you had lived until now you'd have made a great performer... I miss you...

[+328, -25] Don't you want to do another movie like Christmas in August?

[+237, -18] Green Fish was also so good. Do you remember that big castle?

[+40, -0] Han Suk-Kyu, Choi Min-sik, Song Kang-ho ... the people who left the biggest mark in the history of Chungmuro in the past 20 years

[+36, -2] Christmas in August was the most moving film of my life. I shed tears by the ending.

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