Thursday, March 23, 2017

Very good (early) reviews of moviegoers for "Ordinary Person"

9/10 I've seen it at the 9 o'clock session... Many people don't understand that era, I'm afraid the pros and cons will divide you. I'd have given it a 10, it's similar to the current situation. it's a masterpiece

10/10 I saw it with my daughter... I usually don't write reviews but I'm doing it this time, it's a big work that I suggest you watch in the era we live in. I want this meaningful movie to be a hit.

10/10 It seems to overlap with the current situation, heavy movie

10/10 The movie was more than I expected. The performances of the actors too, especially Jo Dal Hwan sshi. I will watch it again

10/10 My heart is heavy... Tears are pouring... please take a look at this movie

10/10 Jang Hyuk's eyes... Aigoo.. A touching movie about that era

10/10 Son Hyun Jo, Jang Hyuk, Kim Sang Ho... they were all so good

9/10 I think it's a movie that many people should watch...Nothing changed much from the 80s..

10/10 Even though the years pass by, the bad people still remain..

10/10 A movie that overlaps with what the city is going through now... I've had a lot of fun with the two leading actors

10/10 Son Hyun Ju, Jang Hyuk, Kim Sang Ho, Ra Mi Ran; Jung Man Sik... I enjoyed their acting.A movie with a heavy resonance.

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