Thursday, March 9, 2017

Waiting for Summer. Song Kang Ho vs Hwang Jung Min vs Ha Jung Woo. Who will be the box office king?


Song Kang-ho, Hwang Jung-min, and Ha Jung-woo will meet in the summer box office. They will be joined by "Okja" with Jake Gyllenhaal and Tilda Swinton. 

It's a high demand season and distributors want to cash in. Not to mention that high demand actors always come to the forefront. 

Song Kang Ho "A Taxi Driver"

An actor that everyone in Korea loves. Song Gang-ho, who has set a record of exceeding the number of cumulative audiences of 100 million, will return with the movie 'A Taxi Driver' 
It's the story of a taxi driver raising his 11 year old daughter alone. He drives a German journalist to Gwangju without knowing of the events unfolding there (the May 18 Democratic Uprising). Since Song Kang Ho has never disappointed viewers, the public knows he will play no ordinary taxi driver and are eagerly waiting for the movie.

Hwang Jung Min "Battleship Island"

He struggled in his start but Hwang Jung-min has now become a famous box-office player in Korea, because of his fine efforts in movies. Nowadays Chungmuro ​​is hard to predict except Hwang Jungmin. Hwang Jung-min's presence is a great boost. In recent years, there has always been a Hwang Jung Min hit in the summer and winter market. It is not wrong to say that if you want to be a big hit, you have to catch Hwang Jung-min 'Ode to My Father' (14.25 million tickets), 'veteran' (13.41 million), 'Himalayas' (7.75 million)

Hwang Jung-min's summer work is the movie 'Gunbudo, Battleship Island' (Director Ryu Seung-wan). Hwang Jung-min, co-operated with Ryu Seung-wan before in "The Unjust" and "veteran", will go on a hugely successful showdown with strong support forces such as So Ji-Sub, Song Joong Ki and Lee Jung-hyun. 

It depicts the story of Koreans, during the Japanese colonial period, who attempted to escape with their lives after being forced into a Japanese labor camp in Hashima island (the island is in the shape of a warship thus it's been nicknamed Battleship Island). Hwang Jung-min plays a band member who came to the warship with his daughter, who was deceived into thinking that she would be sent to Japan to keep her safe. He shaved his head for this role and even lost a good amount of weight to depict the hellish reality on the warship.

Ha Jung Woo "With God"

Ha Jung Woo has so many hits that actor Kim Yong Gun is now called "Ha Jung Woo's father" instead. There are so many blockbusters that it's hard to count them. He is simply someone who does not know failure.

Ha Jung-woo, who has already won the 'Ten Million Actors' title, will work with Kim Yong-hwa who wrote, produced and directed 'With God' 

'With God' depicts the story of the underworld ministers who must not intervene in human affairs on the seven trials during the 49 days in the afterlife. 
It is interesting what kind of synergy Ha Jung Woo will be showing in this movie.

[+251, -34] I'm going to go see "A Taxi Driver"

[+162, -12] Wow, it will be a daebak summer! I am waiting for all of them!

[+204, -38] To be honest, Song Kang Ho's movie it is!

[+175, -29]  All certified great actors

[+177, -37] I have to go see Song Kang Ho

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