Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Yoo Ah In awaits for his verdict, either active duty, reserves or exemption

[+7142, -187] I'm neither a fan nor an anti but without a doubt you just have to follow whatever orders come out from Military Manpower Administration 

[+4162, -149] I don't think it will be an exemption... Whatever it is, go and come back safe.

[+2887, -142] Is is a malignant or a benign bone tumor? What exactly is the diagnosis?

[+2776, -198] Even if it doesn't hurt, isn't it  necessary to go through rehabilitation.?

[+1970, -139] Get better soon

[+873, -65] I don't know if you're be exempted or not, whatever the MMA say, just do it. No matter what they say. Let's do our jobs well.

[+482, -22] Whatever the MMA ask of you, just do it

[+532, -41] You got a lot of malicious comments in the meantime... I hope you can join...  I think it'd be better for you to go so you can have a long time acting life... I think you'll think about it this way too

[+374, -13] The article says he doesn't qualify for exemption

[+378, -29] If only the MMA was this transparent, it wouldn't have been controversial

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